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4 in “Series of 7s”

Scene 4
Length: 7 minutes
Location: Residential back alley
Lighting: Cloudy, mid-afternoon
Initial Camera Shot: Wide shot from behind
Sound: Mostly quiet

He’s walking the cat on a harness. The cat is resisting for the most part, and he’s just watching, tugging slightly. Unconciously persistant. They make slow progress down the alleyway. Eventually, he leans face-forward into a wall and presses himself against it.

He bursts into a run and chases the cat from behind. Then slows down to a slow walk and lights a cigarette.


Scene 3
Length: 7 minutes
Location: Bathroom – slightly scummy and very small
Lighting: Harsh fluorescents
Initial Camera Shot: Above the bathtub
Sound: Water running.

Steam obstructs most of the shot. He lays nude in the tub, arms, feet and face covered in flour. Water is pouring in from the shower head and abruptly cuts off after 1 minute. He foot plops back into the water and his breathing is slow. Eyes are wide open and staring at the showerhead. He rolls over to his side, away from the camera, face 2/3s in the water. Crumples into the fetal position. Lumps of flour begin to open up in the water.

Camera focuses on his spine moving w/ his breathing.
Phone vibrates in the background.

Scene 2
Length: 7 minutes
Location: Apartment Room – very minimal and basic, bare walls
Lighting: Natural light from the windows, stage right
Initial Camera Shot: Wide view of his living room
Sound: The furnace hissing or coffee percolating

He walks around in blue briefs and a white undershirt. He pours flour across his dark hardwood floor. Moves it in piles and lines and sifts through it with his hands.

Close Up: His arms pushing the flour across the floor. Rubs it across his cheeks. It catches slightly on the tear streaks from earlier.
Wide shot catches him sitting, side/back profile on the floor of his apartment.
Aerial shot shows an abstract pattern across his floor.
A cat enters the camera shot and moves around him and the flour. Natural light changes to a deeper blue.

Scene 1
Length: 7 minutes
Location: Urban centre, downtown
Lighting: Heavy clouds at about mid-afternoon
Camera Shot: From the hood of a car, looking into the windshield of a ’94 sedan, navy blue. Man in late 20’s, early 30s driving behind the wheel.
Piano Instrumental: i.e. a 7 minute version of Yann Tiersen’s Le Matin

He is wearing a heavy tweed coat. Leaning close to his steering wheel, held with both hands at 10 and 2:00. His eyes and his body are alert to the traffic, but his mind is wandering elsewhere. About 3 minutes into the music, tears begin to fall. The next four minutes sees various suggestions of emotions across his face.