Category: Poems

a winnipeg summer

grinding along the gritty winnipeg streets
eating dust and chewing pipes
the bricks are turning to sand
and my skin’s cracked in half

the sky’s mouth sucks us in
towards the farthest point of deepest blue
no shadow or shade to hold on to
stark florescent glaring white

we’re all shades of grey in this light
veins quiver and shake under our skin
memories of frost and wind
not yet distant

our mouths hang open
and we swallow the heat whole
catching the flies and moths
that batter themselves dead against our teeth



Why does my own heart begin to sabotage
The bliss and sweetness of new
Questions and darkens and anxiety obsessed
Have you noticed the panic in my voice?

I thought I knew how to swim and tread
But the currents in this water are unfamiliar
Struggling to control my feet but they’re
Gone from under me

Stinging from the weightier cold
My heart, stop treading stop swimming
Float again and grab the sunlight
Shay shay across the warm luminescent surface

And learn to trust again


as each dream and potential withers
while the resentment for my company surfaces
impatience mixed with boredom mixed with loneliness mixed with ego and lack of

my laughable fort of pillows rise
each a warm body kissing and
holding each curve

corners torn with my teeth
pressed with salt and oil
the release of sleep and lucid dreaming

i don’t even love you anymore


she takes my exclamations as confirmations
when really i’m shocked at her bitterness
calling out pretty sloots and the yacht club girls
tossing her beautiful hair

carrying a bundle of measuring sticks
slipping in small lies
she charms snakes and demons
who curl up her skinny legs

i’m just there to hold her hand
a social crutch, teetering on shoes
trying to suck in my belly
staring at her beautiful hair

my own bitterness holds my mouth
keeps my eyes slanted down up out
as their eyes follow her and i’m
squeezing her hand


Finding the strength and fibre to fill
My gaping heart that stings from the wind
Consciousness sparking and spurring
Magnetic surges for the positive to my negative

Teeth hitting cement and cracked split
My mouth is falling apart
Falling to the wind
Thin and salty strokes across my chin

Eyes obedient and steady
But my face flushes drunk betrayal
Speech even and predictable
But my fingers knot in my pockets

I break free propelled by force
To an easy space to an easy crowd
Eyes on the walls look past me
Eyes behind me burn my neck

Weight across my shoulders pulls me close
Suddenly the wind howls through my chest
Disjointed hopes scream across
Your eyes and mine


the shame of untamed children
stains on the carpet
unruly heart, please stop

impatience running high
too quick to speak
strings taut across my chest
my cheeks swell taste sweet

your cat smile
removed, amused, denying
three nights live in your breath
and I’m dying

too long

Taking out my earrings now
Welts rise up from their weight
Taking off my heels now
Easing my blisters and back pains

Thought I’d be with you now
Was waiting for some bait
Something to grab onto
To save my face

Rubbing off my makeup now
Into my sheets
My pillows between my legs
Between my teeth

a cold night

the smell of her apartment makes me hungry
my eyes skitter past the dishes
fermenting and fragrant
the lights flicker and fail
as we eat in the darkness
her leg shivers and shakes


i break from the steely eyes
you hide beneath that “wonderous” smile
she takes me away from your warm chin
i can still feel on my shoulder
finding the knots
giving away the tension

we’re children hiding in adults
playing house, playing us
while i begin to get lost
holding onto my swelling heart as i turn away
from you, touching instead
curtains shifting the light

we move around each other carefully
dreams in our hair, voices still waking
as our thoughts are put to bed for the day
wrapping ourselves up separately
colder, for it
our breath, smoke and steam

suppressing chewing our lips
words dance to death in our mouths
holding back from staining
so that i can come back
to warm your gaze and smile with you
more wonderous smiles with you