Mary-Juen Sohn is currently an Account Coordinator at 6P Marketing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She resides near the edge of the city, where she watches the prairie grass creep into her view. This story blog is a birth of unproductive evenings and an ego that demands that her digressions be documented. As if she were a genius.

As the first born of three daughters, Mary was expected to pioneer each frontier. However, as her younger sisters find their paths in life as dental hygienists and pastry chefs, she finds herself without purpose and quite lost. In a soul searching journey of self-discovery, she is exploring her love for storytelling. Mary has now committed to illustrating characters and scenarios into visual and literal representations of her imagination. She hopes that this commitment will not falter, like her failed attempts at weight loss and guitar lessons.

Inspirations include the masterful prose of Louise Erdrich and the wild adventures of Fifth Business and Slaughterhouse Five. Any encouragement will be appreciated. Mary’s huge ego also comes with an appetite for affirmation. Speaking in third person is an interesting exercise for the mind, and Mary is currently finding this style particularly freeing.

Enjoy the stories.

Photo on the left by Alla Kostromicheva.